Yori IP66 代表了用于户外高质量照明的最新项目系列。该系列包含 Yori IP66 ,Surface/Pendant 和 Wall 三个版本。配件的多样性使 Yori IP66 能适应于各种不同的环境和不同的建筑细节。

Yori IP66 represents the newest system of projectors for outdoors quality lighting. The system includes Yori IP66 and the Surface/Pendant and Wall version. The wide range of accessories makes Yori IP66 extremely versatile and suitable for different environments and architectural details.

Yori IP66 有 10 种不同的配色和两种尺寸,分别是ø45mm 和 ø60mm,这使其能成为完美契合任何高端照明项目的理想解决方案。

Yori IP66 comes in 10 different color finishes and two dimensions, ø45mm and ø60mm, which makes it the ideal solution to complete any high-end illumination project.

Yori IP66 的“无风险”技术保证 LED 光源和系统电子元件的完全安全:这些特性使 Yori IP66 可以无视天气条件,成为可靠且耐用的产品。CRI>90 的宽泛的色温广度确保了室内外空间之间的高品质光线的一致性。

Yori IP66’s “No-risk” technology guarantees complete safety to the LED source and the electronic components of the system: these characteristics make Yori IP66 a reliable and resistant product, whatever the weather conditions.The wide range of color temperatures with CRI>90 ensure high quality light and consistency between internal and outdoor spaces.

在高端景观项目中,Yori IP66提供了优质照明解决方案。该系列除了隐含的高可靠性、稳健性和最近的环保设计指南外,还遵循与 Yori 室内照明系统相同的技术原理和美学清洁度,保证了卓越的照明效果。 Yori IP66 的新颖性标志着 Reggiani 在户外照明领域迈出了重要一步。

 Yori IP66 represents the desire to offer quality lighting solutions in high-end landscape projects. The system, in addition to the implicit high reliability, robustness and the recent Eco-friendly design guides, follows the same technical principles and aesthetic cleanliness shared by the Yori indoor lighting system, guaranteeing an exceptional lighting result.The novelty of Yori IP66 marks an important step for Reggiani in outdoor lighting.