Nanushka 是布达佩斯的女装、男装和配饰品牌,由 Sandra Sandor 于 2006 年创立,是以功能性、实用性和有意识的工艺为特征的服装。伦敦旗舰店经过精心策划和考虑,位于梅菲尔市中心,设有供应手工咖啡和特色茶点的现代咖啡厅。

Nanushka is a Budapest-based womenswear, menswear and accessories brand founded in 2006 by Sandra Sandor. Nanushka creates garments defined by functionality, practicality and conscious craftsmanship. Equally curated and considered, the London flagship store is located in the heart of Mayfair, with a contemporary café space serving artisan coffee and specialty refreshments.




Taking inspiration from the label’s focus on sustainability and importance in supply chain transparency, the lighting scheme was designed to evoke an openness that would reflect these company values. It can balance the daylight, diffuse light and focused light to make the space feel light and airy。


为确保获得最佳照明效果,从而展示产品并为客户营造舒适的氛围,Reggiani使用了 Yori Evo 48V系列产品,该产品采用高性能光学器件,具有出色的 CRI>98 选项,可增强色彩的真实性和重要性。在该项目中,Yori Evo 48V 配备了十字叶片配件,以进一步获得聚焦的照明效果;借助蓝牙 DALI 控制器远程控制照明系统,成功地平衡了零售目标和舒适的空间。

To assure the best lighting result, and therefore to showcase the products and create a cozy atmosphere for the customer, Yori Evo 48V from Reggiani Illumination has been used: the product features performance optics with an outstanding CRI>98 option that enhances colors authenticity and materiality. In this project, Yori Evo 48V features the cross blade accessory to further obtain a focused lighting effect. Lighting system is controlled remotely thanks to a Bluetooth DALI Control design is successful in balancing the retail objectives against a space that feels comfortable to spend time in.