BT has opened its new global headquarters in Aldgate, London. The new HQ will be another flagship location within BT’s Better Workplace Programme – the largest workplace improvement programme and consolidation scheme of its type ever undertaken in the UK. The programme will complete in 2024.




这个新的总部采用了智能的建筑技术,灵活的工作空间和协作区域。该办公楼受益于BREEAM卓越的可持续发展评级,并因其数字基础设施获得了Wired Score白金评级。它还提供一系列餐饮选择,包括向公众开放的一楼咖啡厅、世界级的活动空间和接待处的大型媒体屏幕。

The new HQ boasts smart building technology, flexible workspaces, and collaboration areas. The office building benefits of a BREEAM Excellent sustainability rating and has been awarded a Wired Score platinum rating for its digital infrastructure. There are also a range of catering options including a ground floor café open to the public, world class event spaces, and a large media screen in reception.




大厅的特点是高高的横梁天花板。来自Reggiani公司的Yori Evo Box系列被安装在横梁之间,照亮了整个入口区域,让来此的人有一种明亮愉悦之感。办公区域全部由安装在低压垂轨上的Yori Evo 48V系列灯具照明。Yori Linear 48V UGR是减少眩光的完美解决方案,特别是在需要稳定光源的工作场所。

The lobby is characterized by high, beam ceilings. Yori Evo Box from Reggiani, installed in between the beams, lights up the whole entrance area, offeing a welcoming effect. The office areas are all lighted up by Yori Evo 48V projectors, installed on low voltage pendant tracks. Yori Linear 48V UGR are perfect solutions to reduce glare, especially in the workplac.